Our Board

Environmental Education Belongs in our Public Schools


Melisa Whitworth, Chairperson 

Peg Crawford, Vice Chairperson

Nina Robinson, Secretary

Nina Britton, Treasurer




James Byrnes

Salvatore Ferlise

Tom Bellinato


Berkeley Township Educational and Environmental Program Foundation (BTEEPF) was formed in 2011 following the elimination of a long-time environmental program in the Berkeley Township School District - a trip for fifth grade students to the New Jersey School of Conservation's (NJSOC) 240- acre campus within the 15,000 acre Stokes State Forest in Sussex County, NJ.


The three-day trip has been a tradition for Berkeley Township fifth graders for over forty years.  However, due to budgetary constraints, the trip was eliminated for the 2009-2010 school year.


Through cost reductions, fundraisers, donations, parental cost-sharing, and overwhelming public support, we were able to help bring this program back the following year and thereafter.


The Berkeley Township Educational and Environmental Program Foundation seeks to continue making young students aware of the earth's fragile environment by sponsoring their attendance to this and other environmental programs.


In light of increasing school budget constraints, the BTEEPF hopes to raise as much money possible to cover, or at least defray, the cost to the public schools and parents of Berkeley Township for such environmental programs.